If you missed travelling in 2020, you clearly haven’t been to Boker Tov. A deli, bar and restaurant with the best delicious Israeli street food you will ever eat – owned by our very own Colonel-in-chief Tom Sas and his wife Lori Dardikman. That way, they brought a little piece of Tel Aviv to the equally buzzing Berchem.

Boker Tov actually means “good morning” in Hebrew, but Tom and Lori like to give their own definition to the word and the idea surrounding it. They want to turn it into “catch your best moment of the day” and break with the classic pattern of the industry. Instead of serving breakfast from 8am to 11am and lunch from 11:30am to 1:30pm, they want everyone to be able to eat whatever and whenever they want. That’s how it is in Tel Aviv, so let’s bring a bit of that Metropolitan mentality to Antwerp!

And that’s exactly what they did, because people got go on a city trip again on the 14th of October – when they opened their doors to the public. It was a short, but sweet trip. After 4 days, Belgium went into lockdown again. But giving up? That’s a word Tom and Lori never heard of in their life – not in Dutch, English or Hebrew for that matter! They turned Boker Tov into a takeaway-based restaurant & bar with a webshop.

Balagan Box

The best-selling dish was put in a handy dandy box with a custom mixtape which transports you instantly to the streets of Tel Aviv in the comfort of your own home. This is the (now wildly popular) Balagan box, which means “cozy little mess” in Hebrew. All you have to do is to make yourself at home, put everything on the table, put on DJ Deloin’s Balagan Beats and enjoy the amazing flavors of chef Thomas Swenters.

The convenience of takeaway with the experience of Boker Tov and the flavours of Tel Aviv. It’s out of this world, really. You would almost say it’s (balag)angelic! In fact, it’s so heavenly good that they’ve opened a second location in February 2021 at ’t Eilandje. Soon a third location in the area of Antwerpen Zuid will be announced. Keep your eyes on their website and social media. L’Chaim!

Boker Tov Berchem

Doornelei 2
2018 Antwerpen
03 226 41 41

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Bokertov Eilandje

Zeevaartstraat 8
2000 Antwerpen

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